Sausage Sizzle

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Included in this listing is a sausage sizzle inspired design engraved onto approximately 2.7mm thick bamboo. You will receive 2 pieces in each quantity (for mini, small, medium and large).

Each cut comes with a protective coating of paper on both sides that can easily be removed.

You can choose to place holes in the design from our drop down menu. These will be placed on the top of the design as per image displayed. Holes are not available for placement on the mini size.

Size of design pictured is approximately:

Mini:  13mm x 13mm (bread) and 6mm x 16mm (sausage)


          17mm x 17mm (bread) and 10mm x 25mm (sausage)


Small:   26mm x 26mm (bread) and 12mm x 30mm (sausage)


             31mm x 31mm (bread) and 15mm x 38mm (sausage)


Medium:   39mm x 39mm (bread) and 18mm x 45mm (sausage)


Large:   52mm x 52mm (bread) and 24mm x 64mm (sausage)