Material & Colour Chart

Below are the materials and colours we have available for laser cutting. These can be selected on each item by using the drop down menu in the items description.

Carbonized Bamboo

Solid Colour Acrylics

Mirror Acrylics


One-sided Glitter Acrylics

One-sided Lilac Glitter is currently out of stock

Two-sided Glitter Acrylic

Fabric Acrylics


Transparent Acrylics


Mineral Pearl Acrylic


Matte Acrylic



Chunky Glitter Acrylic 


This material has a glossy finish on both sides. As the glitter is mixed in a clear base, there may be sections of differed density and the glitter isn't dispersed throughout however sits at the top of the sheet. Very occasionally, the chunky glitter can peel from the top layer however this is not very noticeable if it does occurs. Due to its handmade nature, thickness of acrylic may vary between sheets. Pieces cut from this acrylic will be cut with the most vibrant side facing up. 


Pastel Acrylic

This material has a glossy finish on one side and a matte finish on the other side. When designs consist of a tightly cut corner, minor marks may be seen (appear as a blue tinge) in reaction to laser cutting. 

(Minor defects like these are out of our control)